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Published on 8 January, 2011, by in Crafts, Style.

As I mentioned the other day, I want to be a little craftier this year, and I planned to start with this excellent no-sew T-shirt necklace project. For complete instructions on how to create one (or more) these awesome necklaces for yourself, visit the link above.

Thankfully, this project is incredibly easy. Actually, it’s damn near foolproof, which means that even I could tackle it with no problems.

I found two old, semi-ratty T-shirts that don’t wear anymore. I still love the colors and patterns, so I figured they would be perfect guinea pigs for this project. Of course, I neglected to take “before” shots of the T-shirts, but I took photos from the scraps for a general idea of what they looked like in all their “glory.” Both were just cheap cotton Ts from Target.

This is the pattern of the first shirt.

And the necklace. (Note: with this project, any sort of print on your T-shirt will not look the same in necklace form. Because of the seams, the individual loops curl on themselves with the inside of the shirt facing outward. Check out the inside of your patterned shirt to make sure you still want the necklace!)

The blue shirt before.

And after! (The flash changes the look of the blue in the photos.)

I cut the strips about one inch thick for the blue shirt, and about half an inch thick for the patterned shirt, which creates the difference in strand sizes.

I told my roommate about this project last night, and when she came back from running errands today, I was wearing the blue necklace and cutting the strips for the patterned one. She loved them both so much that I told her to dig up an old T-shirt so I could make one for her, too. (Seriously, this project is beyond easy.)

Here’s a shot of Liz wearing her new necklace (and the remnants of her old T).

Any crafts that you’re particularly proud of? Any suggestions for something I should try next?